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Rejected Letter

Crista Alfaiate and Diogo Bento
9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 March
Com um vestido do século XVIII, a  atriz Crista Alfaiate está sentada num marco do correio.


Families March 9, 16, 17: 4.30 pm
Schools March 13, 14, 15: 10.30 am and 2.30 pm
Laidback session March 10: 4.30 pm
Session with audiodescription March 14: 10.30 am
Age range +12

From well known texts such as Pero Vaz de Caminha’s «Carta do Achamento do Brasil», Kafka’s «Letter to His Father», Oscar Wilde’s «Letter to Bosie» , Mariana Alcoforado’s «Portuguese Letters» and «The New Portuguese Letters» by Maria Teresa Horta, Maria Isabel Barreno and Maria Velho da Costa, among others, blah blah blah, this rejected letter aims to rethink some themes such as feminism, war and post-colonialism in a world where Facebook and Twiter rule. On stage, like, there’s this actress willing to write a letter like she talks. As she talks. Blaming herself of sifting through other people’s correspondence, she thinks about what she’s read on some of these letters (as she shouldn’t, in the quiet, instead of just chillin’on Instagram or taking selfies). A letter that can be either a speech or an email, unafraid of the past, eyes set on the future.

Illustration: Catarina Lee

Cast and Creative

Creation Crista Alfaiate
Text Crista Alfaiate and Diogo Bento
Creation support Cláudia Gaiolas and Diogo Bento
Cast Crista Alfaiate
Light design Rui Monteiro
Light design assistant Teresa Antunes
Original score Sérgio Martins and Rui Lima
Sound design Pedro Lima
Graphic and visual content Catarina Lee
Costume design Aldina Jesus
Executive producer Joana Costa Santos
Production support Luna Rebelo
Coproduction LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões and Teatro Nacional S. João
Support Fundação GDA e Largo Residências
Thanks to Academia de Dança Antiga de Lisboa, Artistas Unidos, mala voadora, Teatro Meridional, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II