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Afonso Cabral, Francisca Cortesão, Inês Sousa, Isabel Minhós Martins e Sérgio Nascimento
27 and 28 April 2024
Elementos do concerto Mais Alto sentados à mesa sorriem em direção ao observador



27 April: 4:30pm and 6:30pm
28 April: 11:30am and 4:30pm

Age rating

To be confirmed

Target audience

Starting at 3 years old


60 min


No ano em que se celebram os 50 anos da revolução do 25 de abril, o concerto Mais Alto! regressa com canções dos seus vários concertos e um disco-livro no horizonte.


It is said that the 25th of April 1974 changed the country overnight. It is also said that, before the revolution of 1974, Portugal was a closed country, a grey and sad country. What kind of country was this, living behind a locked door? Were there people peeking through the keyhole looking for democracy? Pressing their ears against the door to listen to the sound of freedom? What sounds reached them? Whispers, shouts, words, music? What music would that be? Would it make them dream? Sigh? Conspire?


Because in 2024 we celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the April 25th Revolution, Louder! returns to LU.CA with a collection of songs from its various concerts and a book and CD set on the horizon. Songs that made people dream, sigh, plot… and perhaps revolutionize all the men and women who lived behind this closed door that was Portugal. Come sing along and never (again!) allow this door to close.



Release of the Louder! Book and CD set

28 April, 5:30pm (following the afternoon concert)

Louder! is a concert with commentary born at LU.CA, in Lisbon, with the idea of celebrating democracy and reflecting on the role of music in social and political change. Since its first presentation, it has been on stages throughout the country, with performances for families and schools, seeking to further the idea that together, singing loudly, we can achieve common goals. Louder! now reaches the public in book and CD set format, with some of the songs that have been part of the show, authored by, among others, José Afonso, José Mário Branco, Rita Lee, Titãs, Nuno Prata, Luís Severo, or Clã. The songs, the lyrics, the stories (and the History) behind these songs are some of the surprises that readers and listeners will find here.




Integrated in the Programme of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the 25 of April Revolution.



Cast and Creative

Creation, Music Selection
Afonso Cabral, Francisca Cortesão, Inês Sousa, Isabel Minhós Martins, João Vaz Silva and Sérgio Nascimento

Isabel Minhós Martins

Francisca Cortesão (vocals, guitars); Afonso Cabral (vocals, keyboard, bass); Inês Sousa (vocals, keyboard, glockenspiel, ukulele, percussion); Rui Freire (vocals, drums, and percussion); and Isabel Minhós Martins (commentary)

LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões