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The Theatre


EGEAC is responsible for managing some of Lisbon’s key cultural venues and for organizing Festas de Lisboa and other street festivals, among other reference cultural activities.

For more than 20 years, this municipal company has been promoting, supporting and programming cultural activity in Lisbon through its street festivals and the management of theatres such as São Luiz Theatre and LU.CA, museums and art galleries, and public heritage monuments such as The Discoveries Landmark and São Jorge Castle. These venues are visited by more than 2 million people each year, while nearly a million engage in the activities held in the streets. As a key actor in the city, EGEAC provides multidisciplinary, wide, inclusive and democratic cultural programming, striving to be an agent at once active and receptive, intervening in both contemporary and popular activities.


Vision and Mission

To be a leader in designing and promoting cultural events in the city of Lisbon, a reference in the management of cultural spaces and events, an actor able to add value to public heritage spaces, a catalyst for the growth of an artistic and cultural network.

To create a unique and distinct cultural personality for the city of Lisbon, encouraging artistic creation and  promotion, investing in projects of reference, and prompting  the dialog between the city and its local, national, and international, audiences.


Municipal Venues Managed by EGEAC


Out of Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes:

EGEAC, E.M.  Is a member of the Lisbon Consumer Conflicts Arbitration Centre, with the following contacts :
Rua dos Douradores, 116, 2.º – 1100-207 LISBOA; Tel: +351 218 807 030 / Fax: +351 218 807 038
E-mail: juridico@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt / director@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt; Web: www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt


In case of dispute, the consumer can get help from this Conflict Arbitration Entity.
More information at www.consumidor.pt.

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