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Tuning into April with antennas in the air

Oficina Frequência
6 to 27 April 2024
Ilustração com criança sorridente de microfone e antena nas mãos



6, 13, 20 and 27 April: 10:30am

Target audience

Children aged 10 and above, unaccompanied by adults



Maximum capacity

12 persons

Prior registration required



Middle Floor
(Due to the characteristics of the building, it is not possible for people with reduced mobility to access the middle floor).


A radio workshop to listen and talk into the microphone about what Freedom means to us.


Words and sounds inhabit our everyday lives. And so do stories: the news we hear, the conversations circling around at school, at home, on the bus, in the café. For Freedom in Portugal was transmitted on the Radio waves, and we are going to listen and talk into the microphone about what it means to us.


Oficina Frequência

Oficina Freqência arises from the desire to work with sound and journalism on various fronts, especially with teenagers and children. It aims to explore individual discourse, what each person thinks, and help verbalize it. Experienced journalists, Sandy Gageiro (radio) and Marina Almeida (press), will try to pave the way with the audience for a personal discovery of voice, sounds, and the news that surround us, of listening, and, of course, of Radio.

Due to the characteristics of the building, access for people with impaired mobility to the middle floor of the theatre is not possible.



Integrated in the Programme of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the 25 of April Revolution.


Cast and Creative

Conception and guidance
Oficina Frequência (Marina Almeida e Sandy Gageiro)