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LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões wants to stand out as a Place for all Children, all Young People, and all the Arts. Bearing this in mind, being accessible to all is one of our priorities. This new theatre, even though oriented for younger audiences, has its doors open to everyone who might want to come down and visit.

Here we list, in more detail, the aspects in which we are working to promote physical, social and intellectual accessibility.



Tickets can always be purchased online. However, if you prefer, you can go to the box office of LU.CA, call us at 215 939 100 or send us an email to ticket@lucateatroluisdecamoes.pt.  Mafalda and Rosa will be available to explain in further detail the purchase and booking process.


Reduced-price tickets

LU.CA has reduced-price tickets and several discounts to make sure that everyone can come to theater. Learn more about tickets and reservations at https://lucateatroluisdecamoes.pt/bilheteira/.


The website

LU.CA’s website was designed and studied to be easy to understand. Built to be user-friendly, the site has an intuitive navigation and uses a simple language though out to reach all. Each image has a description for the visually impaired.

The site is being reviewed by comAcesso, a certified entity that deals with web and digital accessibility issues.


Reduced mobility

The LU.CA has reserved seats for people with reduced mobility. Reservation of these same places must be made by phone call or by email to the ticket office.

Due to the historical character of the building and the characteristics of its re-qualification, access to wheelchairs is only possible at ground floor.

We have adapted toilets and a reserved parking space for people with reduced mobility, just in front of the theater.

A physical accessibility evaluation of the building by an external certified consultant is currently under way to make all the possible changes to make sure that everyone can access all theatre spaces.


Laid back Sessions

Laid back sessions are performance sessions that take place in a more relaxed and cozy atmosphere, directed to all individuals and families who prefer a more casual cultural space. It is meant, for for instance, for people with attention deficit, cognitive disabilities, people with autism-spectrum disorders, or people with sensory or communication disabilities.

They are a collaboration between the theatre, artistic teams, parents, carers and assistants.

The shows are previewed by a specialist who, in close contact with the artists, tries to find the necessary adjustments to provide the most comfortable experience possible for these audiences, and may imply adaptations in light, sound and hospitality.


Scripts and more information

For each of the laid back sessions there is a script produced by LU.CA that can be downloaded from the website before coming to the theater. This gathers all the details about the show and the building. This information is also carefully tailored to suit the target audience age recommended for each show. We therefore advise you to follow the age group recommendation.



In 2019 LU.CA will have its first show with an audio description session for the blind and/or visually impaired. In this sessions, through an additional narrative track, we add an objective description of all the information we perceive visually (facial expressions, scenic surroundings, etc.) and are not perceptible auditively. This description happens along with the performance, cuing with speech lines and the performers’ acting on stage.

In addition, we will also provide a prior visit to the stage, a a touch sensory guided tour get to know the materials, textures and shapes of the costumes, set and other elements that make up the show.


Service Dogs

Assistance dogs are very much welcome at LU.CA. Please inform us beforehand when you are bringing your dog so we can have a bowl of fresh water and a comfortable seat reserved for both of you.



In the performances with audio-description and the Laid Back Sessions there will be one of our front of house team members available to welcome the public and provide all the necessary informations. This front of house assistant will be present throughout the whole visit to make sure that children, young people and families can enjoy a relaxed and incident-free access to our performances without the restrictions of the regular “theatre rules”.


Portuguese Sign Language

LU.CA is committed to the deaf community by including in its programme performance sessions with Portuguese Sign Language Interpretation. (PSL is one of Portugal’s official languages since 1991.)


Performances for the hearing-impaired

We also have in our programme performances with less speech or even speech-less, more focused on the visual aspects, body expression and mimics, of drama, dance, new circus or puppets. These proposals, with little or no speech involved, and a stronger visual engagement, are indicated for the hearing-impaired.


Talks with the artists

What if the authors shared their thoughts, what inspired them, their ideas and what motivates them to create? What if actors told us all about how they learn and memorize the lines for a play? What if the dancers could show us how they make that special move? And can we see the scenarios up close? In LU.CA, we believe in sharing knowledge, in exchanging ideas with the artists, in order to bring shows and audiences closer together. So, whenever possible, we organize a chat with the artists.


Outside LU.CA

What if the theatre left the building? LU.CA is also going to schools to do workshops and engage on talks and discussions on the performances in the programme.

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