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LU.CA – Luís de Camões Theatre is committed to a policy of continuous improvement in identifying, understanding, monitoring and reducing its environmental impact, by preventing pollution and complying with applicable environmental legislation.

As such, LU.CA uses 100% LED technology for stage lighting, which saves approximately 80% energy, comparing to the conventional halogen stage lighting.

The theatre is also endowed with a solar panel, used for water heating of the whole building. There is a general concern with recycling all the materials used for the operation of the theatre (paper, plastic, ink cartridges, electronic equipment, wood, etc.),  and with the reuse of printed material prior to its recycling process.

All detergents used to clean the theatre are biodegradable and the products used on its maintenance are environmentally friendly. The restriction of exterior lighting, the limited use of air conditioning and the full elimination of plastic products such as bottles and cups are some of the measures which we plan to put into action, still in 2019.

The theatre’s programme also reflects our concern with raising awareness for a sustainable lifestyle. For 2020, we’re planning a Green Cycle, focused on measures for environmental protection, responsible consumption, and other issues related to preservation and sustainability.

Our sustainability policy and environmental strategy, which will ensure clever management and preservation of natural resources, are currently being developed and implemented and will be regularly reviewed and adapted to the ever-changing nature of our work.

Soon we’ll be disclosing all the actions to come and already carried out, within this context.

Última atualização: October 9, 2019