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One of LU.CA’s main goals is to establish a close relationship between contemporary arts and formal education practices.

We believe that contemporary art is one of the pillars of a cultured citizenship and that only by interacting with teachers, educators and school administrators and the community at large, only by investing in this kind of training from the earliest stages of childhood, can we ever be able to create a place where critical, creative, attentive and engaging audiences can be properly trained, ones with a wider sense of freedom.

LU.CA’s programming is mainly focused in the performing arts and wishes to broaden the understanding of these by crossing them with other practices such as illustration, photography, design, poetry, thought, or the visual arts.

There is a central programme, meant to be performed in the theatre’s stage, and there is also a side programme, happening in the theatre’s other spaces, that sometimes goes out onto the schools in the Lisbon area.

For each show we have prepared educational materials which are made available to teachers after a visit to the theatre and can be used as a creative tool to further explore, relate and appropriate the work presented. In these dossiers, you can find information about the show, activities, and reading suggestions. You can download them at the event’s page.

This school year, LU.CA is also promoting artistic practices within the school community through the competition LABOR – Theatre Laboratory in Schools, to be held between January and June 2019, with final presentation on the stage of LU.CA. This project aims to address and reflect on some issues of our time through the the performing arts.


School sessions need to be booked in advance.


The Passaporte Escolar/Câmara Municipal de Lisboa supports the total transportation costs to the Theatre of Elementary School (1st Cycle) groups from the Lisbon area.



Shows: €3 per student /€1 for underprivileged students

Free entry for group monitors.

More information and Bookings:
Rosa Ramos
(+351) 919102716
tuesday to friday > 10h – 18h

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