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Little ARTivists

Ana Pêgo
18 to 26 June


Families 18 and 25 June: 3.30 pm
19 and 26 June: 10.30 am
Target Audience Starting at 8 years
Duration 2 hours
Price €5
Maximum number of participants 12 children

The little ARTivists will create postcards and messages with plastic collected from the beach.

Activists are those who cannot stand idle in the face of an environmental problem. They roll up their sleeves and do everything to save, for example, the ocean. ARTivists are activists who use art as a form of protest.

Today we are faced with a serious problem: with each passing hour, around one thousand tons of plastic spill into the oceans. We cannot remain indifferent. The little ARTivists will create postcards and messages with plastic collected from the beach.


Ana Pêgo

Was lucky enough to live right next to the beach. This is where she learned to appreciate the sea. She studied Marine Biology and Fishery and worked for several years on research projects. Since 2021 she has been dedicated to environmental awareness projects, where she combines science with art, with the objective of uncovering marine life and raising awareness about ocean conservation and the problem of plastic residues. In 2015 she created the project Plasticus maritimus through which she has developed numerous workshops, trainings and exhibitions, resulting in the Plasticus Maritimus, an invading species [MCR1] book. 2020 was a year marked by the recognition of her work: she received 3rd place of the Terre de Femmes 2020 prize from the Yves Rocher Foundation, the Prémio Quercus 2020 in the individual category and was nominated for the Activa, mulheres inspiradoras 2020 award. Her book is recommended by the National Reading Plan and has already been published in 10 languages.












Público alvoA partir dos 8 anos

Duração2 horas
Preço€5 (preço único)

Número máximo de participantes12

Cast and Creative

Creation and execution Ana Pêgo