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What happens twice, happens thrice

Catarina Requeijo
14 to 30 January
Maria João Castelo


Schools 20, 21, 27 and 28 January: 10:30 am

Families 14 January: 6:30 pm
15, 16, 22, and 29 January: 4:30 pm
23 and 30 January: 11:30 am and 4:30 pm
Session with Portuguese Sign Language 21 and 22 January
Laid-back Session 23 January
Session with Audio Description 29 January
Age Rating To be rated by the CCE
Target Audience Starting at 6 years
Duration 30 minutes (approx.)
School Prices €3 < 18 years / €1 TEIP schools / Chaperones are exempt
Family Prices €3 < 18 years / €7 > 18 years / Discounts are applicable

The almost perfect family comes together once again.

The almost perfect family comes together once again. At the fair no one is bored! Aunt Odete is sure of this. Her niece Manela will love it and her husband Alfredo will have to join. A place for adventures, but also surprises. And would you believe the little one decides to pull a French exit? Taking advantage of a distraction, Manela disappears among the crowd. Where could the little one be? On the carrousel? On the ghost train? Eating a treat? And so, the adventure begins. Then follow jolts, falls, chasses as well as some scratches. Odete doesn’t lose her nerve because she knows that What happens twice, happens thrice. Will they end up finding Manela? And where was she?


Following the performances “The Great Race” and “Much Junk Little Junk”, Catarina Requeijo creates a third incursion in this “four by four” monologue format, using already presented characters: Manela, the motorist niece, Odete, the proud aunt and Alfredo, the grumpy uncle.

Cast and Creative

Text Catarina Requeijo and Inês Barahona
Staging and Performance Catarina Requeijo
Scenography and Costumes Maria João Castelo
Sound Design Sérgio Delgado
Staging Assistant and Production Support Sara Inês Gigante
Executive Production Formiga Atómica
Production LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões and Formiga Atómica