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Can children under 3 years old enter the theatre room?

Under article 26 of the Decree 23/2014, February 14: “Children under 3 years old can only attend shows classified “for all audiences”, as long as the capacity of the venue is reduced by 20%” and appropriate room adjustments are made. Otherwise, children under 3 years old are not allowed in theatre rooms.


Can children under the fixed age range attend the show?

LU.CA calls for the respect of the age range established for each show, as it is directly associated with the content and format in which the performances are presented.


Who is allowed to watch the performances from the cabins?

Anyone who has purchased a cabin ticket. However, some of the cabins will reduce the visibility for the stage and are therefore sold at a lower price. For safety reasons, children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, if they are to watch the performance from a cabin.


From what age are children allowed to watch performances on their own?

At LU.CA we encourage the independence of children and young people. However, we cannot assume responsibility for them. If any child or young person watches a performance alone, we suggest to the accompanying adult to stay in or near the theatre.


Must the participants of the Family Program be accompanied by a responsible adult?

Due to the age of the target audience and the used methodology, some workshops require the presence of a responsible adult, who should accompany their child. If that is the case, this information will be displayed on the event’s page, on LU.CA’s website.


Is there a place where it is possible to store baby strollers, umbrellas, backpacks, luggage, etc.?

LU.CA has a cloakroom where you can leave strollers, umbrellas, luggage and other objects, next to the ticket office. In case you use it, you will be given a password with a number that you must return upon collecting your belongings.


How does one acquire booked tickets?

Reservations can be made by email (bilheteira@lucateatroluisdecamoes.pt) or by phone 215 939 107. Prior withdrawal is required 48 hours before the show starts and can be made at the ticket offices of LU.CA – Luís de Camões Theatre or São Luiz Teatro Municipal. Payment should be made upon the acquisition of the ticket.


How can I get a ticket for LU.CA’s full season?

LU.CA has a single ticket (€15 for children, €35 for adults) valid for 10 performances available on the programme. No other discounts can be deducted from this season’s subscription pack. For further information, please contact LU.CA’s ticket office.


Is it possible to get in and out during the performance?

At LU.CA it is possible to get in and out of the room. In case there is the need for leaving the room due to any sort of discomfort, restlessness or the desire to go to the toilet, one is free to do so. However, one should always bear in mind that movement in the room may temporarily disrupt the visibility of the remaining audience and distract the actors on stage.


What is the theatre’s policy for delayed spectators?

LU.CA allows the delayed spectators to enter the room after the show has started, but we encourage timely arrival so as not to disturb its normal functioning. In case of delay, the spectator should seek information at the ticket office and with the fronts on what is the best time to enter the room.


Who is allowed to watch a relaxed performance?

Any person may watch a relaxed performance. These are adapted versions of the original show, according to indications provided by a professional psychologist. You may know more about this sort of presentations on our website’s page addressing accessibility.


Besides the performances, what sort of events does LU.CA programme offer?

LU.CA offers ongoing exhibitions, talks and workshops programme, as well as an open library, listening points and guided tours. For further information, please check our full programme.


Are the public library and listening points open-access projects and can they be visited at any time, within the theatre’s opening hours?

The public library and listening points are two ongoing projects and they always have a connection with what takes place on stage. They may be found in between the theatre’s two floors and both are open-access projects, that can be visited at any time, within the theatre’s opening hours.


Is it possible to eat inside the room?

We kindly ask our audience not to bring any food into the room, as its consumption may make noise, therefore disturbing the show. However, water bottles are allowed.


Is there any place where it is possible to buy food?

The cafeteria service will soon be available on the weekends when the theatre is open for the families’ performances.


Is it possible to throw a birthday party at LU.CA?

LU.CA doesn’t provide any service or campaign for birthday parties.


Is there any babysitting service?

LU.CA has no babysitting service.

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