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Visits to LU.CA

LU.CA Team
26 and 27 March 2022
Alípio Padilha


Families 26 and 27 March: 11:30 am and 4:30 pm
Age Rating To be rated by the CCE
Target Audience

Em comemoração do dia Mundial do Teatro abrimos as portas para um fim de semana de visitas ao LU.CA

To celebrate World Theatre Day, we open our doors for a weekend of visits to LU.CA. It all begins on the outside of the building, just before the ticket office, on the Calçada da Ajuda sidewalk. Afterwards, there is a journey into the building’s interior, in order to see what is normally out of sight: the stage, the fly gallery, the grid, the dressing rooms and the ceiling, each explained by a member of the theatre’s team.

The visit ends with binoculars on the terrace, followed by a celebration in the café with cake and lemonade, because sometimes visits can leave us feeling very thirsty.