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The Walk

Bruno Alexandre
January 24 to February 2
Fotografia dos dois interpretes do espetáculo com óculos de mergulho e headphones coloridos


Families January 25, 26 and February 1 and 2: 4:30pm
Schools January 24, 29, 30 and 31: 10:30am
Laidback session February 1: 4:30pm
Age range +6
Running time 45min
Tickets for schools €3 for people under 18
1€ Schools TEIP
The tickets for accompanying adults are free
Tickets for families €3 for people under 18

€7 for people over 18
Discounts available.

“The Walk” is a place of discovery of the world without leaving our imagination. We stay inside our brain cells to manufacture adventures and use frolic (a place of transgression and utopia) as a radical gesture.

This performance is also about growing in many ways, surrounded by inventions. It is about having to make up games to entertain time. It is about imaginary speeches and dances. It is like diving into an adventure book and becoming its character, or getting inside the film screen and becoming part of another reality.

They are game dances, to play at growing up. Everything is mixed up when we start playing, and time is suspended in a magical place. And can we mix all these worlds while we dance? What is a dance puzzle? And a remote-controlled dance? Or a telepathic dance? Or a rock-paper-scissors dance? And what is this of exploring the world without leaving one’s place? Which eyes should we bring with us? Are we still here?

As if we were taking a walk, we passed through the games, sounds, and images of childhood. We confused the adult body and made it amusing, face to face with the inner thought, where we conspire to exercise our favorite utopia: daydreaming.


Cast and Creative

Creation Bruno Alexandre
Cocreation and cast Francisco Rolo and Ana Jezabel
Music and sound design Miguel Lucas Mendes
Light design Cárin Geada
Scenography Henrique Ralheta
Production and Touring Patrícia Soares – Produção d’Fusão
Support to creation Musibéria, Estúdios Victor Córdon /OPART, Circolando, CAB – Centro Coreográfico de Lisboa and Companhia Olga Roriz
Acknowledgements Biblioteca Municipal de Marvila
A production by Escarpa Fictícia
Coproduction LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões