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Theater Opera

The Unicorn’s Ring – A miniature opera

Ana Lázaro, Martim Sousa Tavares and Ricardo Neves-Neves
3 to 19 December


Families 3 December: 6:30 pm
5, 12 and 19 December: 11:30 am
4, 5, 8, 11, 12, 18 and 19 December: 4:30 pm
Schools 9, 10, 15, 16, and 17 December: 10:30 am
9, 10, 15 and 16 December: 2:30 pm
Session with Audio Description 12 December: 11:30 am
Talk after the performance 12 December: 4:30 pm
Sessions with Portuguese Sign Language 17 and 18 December: 10:30 am and 4:30 pm (respectively)
Laid-back Session 19 December: 11:30 am
Duration 60 minutes
Age Rating To be rated by the CCE
Target audience Starting at 6 years
School Prices € 3 < 18 years € 1 TEIP schools Chaperones are exempt

Piccolo Bambino Monte Verde is a boy bored by his unusual luck: the son of two opera singers, he himself lives in an opera that never ends.

Piccolo Bambino Monte Verde is a boy bored by his unusual luck: the son of two opera singers, he himself lives in an opera that never ends, with the background music of an orchestra that accompanies all of his actions every minute of the day, under the direction of an attentive Maestro, who conducts every one of his steps (from the moment he wakes up, to when he goes to sleep).

Bored with this condition and sick of uninterruptedly listening to arias, cavatinas, intermezzos and the likes (imagine what it is to be accompanied by an orchestra when you simply want to read a comic book, take a bath, or go to the bathroom), and of being dragged into epic adventures or intrigues and mischief by his father BELLINI BEL CANTO (an ex-barber from Seville) and his mother FAUSTINA BALÃO, a true baroque Diva (not to be confused with a “baroque divan”, she becomes very angry), PICCOLO dreams about the possibility of becoming an illusionist and discovering the trick that will take away the singing from the mouths of his family with only a snap of fingers!

Until one day, FAUSTINA BALÃO’s cat: Don Giovanni al Latte, mysteriously disappears. Precisely on the day that BELLINI BEL CANTO and FAUSTINA BALÃO celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary, for which BELLINI BEL CANTO prepares a surprise for his beloved FAUSTINA: presenting her with a ring that seals their marriage for all eternity. In a sequence of mishaps, PICCOLO BAMBINO and TOSCA – the family maid – will have to find DON GIOVANNI, without the Silver Wedding Anniversary being ruined. But between lies and intrigues, the ring disappears! During the anniversary, the orchestra will be hypnotised, the dog will pretend to be a cat and even the Maestro gets caught up in the whole mess…

After all, in opera there are no limits for the unexpected!


Cast and Creative

Creation Ana Lázaro, Martim Sousa Tavares and Ricardo Neves-Neves
Libretto Ana Lázaro
Music Martim Sousa Tavares
Staging Ricardo Neves-Neves
With André Henriques, Cátia Moreso, Sílvia Filipe (singers) and André Magalhães (ator)
Ensemble of 8 musicians David Silva (flute), Ana Aroso (harp), Mrika Sefa (electric piano and synthesizer), Francisco Cipriano (percussion), Helena Silva (violin), Miguel Menezes e Vasco Sousa (double bass and electric bass)

Maestro Martim Sousa Tavares

Choreography Henrique Ralheta
Staging Assistance
Production and Communication TdE
Costumes Rafaela Mapril

Billyboom, Convento Inn and Artist Residencies -, Frescos Produções, Make it Happen, Pecosita-Pepito, CML/Pelouro da Cultura no âmbito do RAAML/Polo Cultural Gaivotas
Co-Production LU.CA - Teatro Luis de Camões, Cineteatro Louletano, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Centro de Arte de Ovar, 23 Milhas, Centro Cultural Malaposta, Culturproject e Teatro do Eléctrico