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Conference Theatre Theater

The Adventures of Fearless João – Mil-folhas

Alexandre Vieira
14 to 17 December
© Math is Good Studios


Schools  14, 15, 16 and 17 December: mornings

Location Lisbon schools
Age Rating To be rated by the CCE
Target audience  Starting at 12 years
Duration 60 minutes (approx.)  
Price € 1,5 (single price)

O LU.CA escolheu livros que crescem connosco para mergulhar dentro deles. A esta ideia chamámos Mil-folhas.

Entrance is prohibited to those who are not in awe of existence.


Exercising awe as a daily conquest: this is the challenge proposed by Fearless João. And it is also without fear and with an open book that we dive into this story with so many hidden adventures.


Cast and Creative

Performance Alexandre Vieira
Artistic coordination Leonor Barata
Based on The Adventures of Fearless João, by José Gomes Ferreira