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Roars, bleats and rumbles: the graphic-onomatopoeic protest of animals  

Carolina Celas and Gabinete Paratextual and curated by Senhora Presidenta
4 to 25 February 2022

An exhibition of posters created in collaboration between Gabinete Paratextual and the illustrator Carolina Celas, inspired by the book Quinta dos Animals by George Orwell.

An exhibition of posters created through a collaboration between Gabinete Paratextual and illustrator Carolina Celas, inspired by George Orwell’s book Animal Farm. On the day of the opening the authors will lead a writing and drawing workshop with direct intervention onto the posters, exploring the critical and asserting perspective of younger generations. The results of this activity will be presented on the walls of LU.CA’s middle floor.


Gabinete Paratextual

Gabinete Paratextual is a project that looks at publishing as a creative problem and is dedicated to questioning the role of each participant of the production process. Starting from the presumption that the function-author is a shared space between editors, designers, translators, writers, proof-readers, illustrators and photographers, a fluid relationship between form and content is established. The production and finishing methods are framed like an active argument of each issue, which is almost always published without print runs, understanding republishing as an integral part of the process – like a continuous rewriting and redesigning phenomenon. Gabinete Paratextual was started in 2017 by Rui Silva, and develops issues according to the necessary urgency, and considers duration and the pleasure of having time as an active element of the publishing process.


Carolina Celas

Carolina Celas lives and works in Lisbon. She graduated in Design from the Universidade de Aveiro, followed by a post-graduate degree in Illustration in Barcelona. In 2015 she completed an MA in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art in London and established herself as an illustrator. The vastness of our planet is something that moves her curiosity. The poetry and harmony of her work invites children and adults to perceive places without limitations. Carolina encourages a gaze that goes beyond the physical act of looking and allows the spectator to become lost and submerged in her illustrations. Focussing on book illustration, despite working for different platforms, her illustration emerges from micronarratives and lives between fiction and reality, exploring detail, humour and the surreal through natural and spatial elements.

She is the author of the book Horizonte, published by Orfeu Negro, and has participated in various national and international exhibitions, including: Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2016 and 2019; Golden Pinwheel Shanghai 2018; Nami Island International Picture Book 2019; Honorary Mention Award at IlluSalon 2018; Special Mention at Ilustrarte 2018 and Revelation Prize at BIG Guimarães 2017.


Senhora Presidenta

The Senhora Presidenta gallery is a project by Dylan Silva (painter), Mariana Malhão (illustrator) and Luís Cepa (designer). Colleagues since attending the Faculdade de Belas Artes in Porto, they came to share a common desire: conceiving a hybrid space with the ability of simultaneously housing the production and exhibition of artistic works. At Presidenta works ranging different typologies can be found: from ceramics to illustration, as well as painting, photography, drawing, video and independent publications.