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Reading Online Program

Reclaiming our future

Vicente Wallenstein and Raquel Oliveira
February 11 to 14


One episode, available from February 11, 6.30pm until February 14, 10.30pm
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Age range

To be assigned by CCE
Appropriate theme for primary school students


«Let’s change the world»: with this motto, the author Afonso Cruz starts his narrative.


The children decide to get out in the streets and reclaim like adults: it is time to tell it like it is. Finally, let’s go to the libraries, the zoo, stores, police stations, the Assembly, and the streets. Let’s tell adults what is wrong, and wherever they are, they will have to listen.


Chosen books

Children’s Cruzade, by Afonso Cruz


A lot of the stories we see on stage were first published in books. Sometimes, the texts are read and staged and, with some imagination, any place is good for them to be displayed. When it is harder to leave school to go to the theater, the theater comes to the school. After that, we only need to sit down – or even lay down – and listen to the stories as they gain new colors, shapes, and meanings. At the end of this animated reading, we propose you a challenge: write a letter about “reinventing our future”. Keep it at a safe place and come back and read it in five years time to find out how many of your worlds go in the world from the future.