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Little ichthyologists

Ana Pêgo
January 18 and 19
Fotografia de um carimbo de peixe a preto, com uma mão de criança


Families January 18 and 19: 
Age range To be classified by CCE
Adequate theme to primary school
Duration 2h
Tickets €5

Previous registration is required, until January 16:

An ichthyologist is a researcher who studies fish. There are fish like this and fish like that, but why?! Let’s investigate! Wearing gloves and with a magnifying glass in hand, we observe, weigh and measure fish of different species to find out how they are so different from each other. Then we make a graphic record using a Japanese printing technique, Gyotaku, which was used by fishermen in the 19th century to depict their catch and learn to better identify species. This workshop aims to promote ocean literacy by intersecting science and art.


The workshop is only for children, and it doesn’t require the presence of a responsible adult.


Cast and Creative

Instructor Ana Pêgo