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Catarina Sobral
May 2 to 9


Families May 2, 8 and 9: 11.30 am and 4.30 pm
May 7: 6 pm
Age range +3
Running Time 30 min.
Laidback session May 9, 11.30 am
Tickets for families €3 for people under 18
€7 for people over 18
Discounts available

We start from the beginning when everything was in the same place.

The whole world and all the things that exist beyond it, all fit, at a given time, in the same place.

We are not sure how it occurred, but we know that the Universe has its origin in a small space.

It sounds Impossible, but it is true: everything started when big things were small.


Fotografia: ©Alípio Padilha

Cast and Creative

Creation and Artistic Direction Catarina Sobral
Dramaturgic Support and Performance Madalena Marques
Music and Sound Design F Kent Queener
Image and Animation Catarina Sobral
Props Janaína Drummond
Wardrobe Catarina Fernandes
Scientific Review Pedro Figueira/Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto