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Field trip

Filipe Dias and Cátia Nunes
January 12 and 19
Fotografia do Jardim da Ajuda


Families January 12 and 19: 3pm
Age range Advised for children over 6
Duration 2 hours
Tickets €3
Limited entrance
Previous registration is required:

Have you stopped to think about how ecosystems work and what they provide us every day?

We’ll be taking a walk from LU.CA to its two neighboring gardens, to discover their biodiversity, that is the variety of living beings inhabiting each one of them without any human intervention.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore your surroundings by identifying and registering new species on our map and sharing your discovery with other people.


January 12: Tropical Botanical Garden
January 19: Ajuda’s Botanical Garden


This activity is dependant on the weather conditions.

All participants should bring comfortable clothing. The accompanying adults’ mobile phones will be used during the gardens visit.


Cátia Nunes
Marine biologist specialized in Fishing and Marine Space Planning with a Master’s Degree in Marine Ecology. Cátia started working for ANP|WWF  team in 2018, as Ocean and Fishing Technician. She is also in charge of coordinating the Environmental Education Programme, on which she works daily to accomplish her goal of changing the world, one step at the time.


Filipe Dias
Graduated in Environmental Biology – Terrestrial Variant, Filipe holds a Master’s Degree in Biology and Conservation and a PhD in Forest Engineering. He is a researcher and post-PhD at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia and collaborates with WWF since 2010, as a consultant on affairs related to data analysis, mapping preservation values and ecosystem services’ fees.



ANP (Portuguese Nature Association) is a Portuguese environmental and non-governmental organization that operates in Portugal, in association with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and seeks to preserve the national illogical biodiversity and continue WWF’s work in our country.

WWF is one of the largest and most respected independent organizations devoted to world preservation, with over five million supporters on an active global network in a hundred countries. WWF’s mission is to stop nature’s deterioration and to build a future in which human beings live in harmony with nature, by preserving the world’s biological biodiversity, assuring a sustainable use of renewable natural resources and promoting the waste and pollution reduction.