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Eli & Rio

Teater Tre
April 13 and 14
Forografia de cena do espetáculo com dois atores, na qual um puxa umas meias


Families April 13 and 14: 11:30 am and 4:30 pm
Age range +3
Running time 40min
Tickets €3 children under 18
€7 children over 18
Discounts available

A couple engages in playfulness exploration of several actions through pieces of clothing and everyday objects, showing us how these can be unconventionally used to change and interact in the ways we see ourselves and others around us.

The show is devised by the Swedish company Teater Tre, which has always had movement as central elements. In this particular show, it is used to address identity and the roles each and every one of us can take on.

An apparently simple set, yet full of details, is going to amaze the younger audiences, engaging them deeper into the story, but it will also bewilder the older public, who will not remain indifferent to this unique show.

Mixing performance and video projection, the constant wandering between image manipulation and live-action makes this performance extremely dynamic and utterly surprising.

How can one address identity and social roles next to children who do not yet question gender issues, or social roles, nor see them as permanent and unchanging?

Cast and Creative

Cast Per Dahlström, Maria Selander
Direction Ossi Niskala
Dramaturgy Martin Rosengarten
Scenography and wardrobe Anna Nyberg, Kid Falk
Light design Mira Svanberg
Original score Janne Tavares
Make-up Helena Bernström
Technology and video Helene Berg
Technical direction Anthony Cooks
Artistic counselling Lena Yxner