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Do your Part

Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro
July 1 to 13
Retrato de Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro a segurar uma bola de basquetebol


Families July 1 to 13:
2:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Final presentation July 13: 9:00 pm
Age range 15-17
Tickets €60
Previous registration is mandatory;
Limited capacity

The Internet has made almost everything possible and now anyone can make a movie! No more excuses. But then, if anyone can do it, what makes it special?

For two weeks, inspired by ideas and experiences from the current and future worlds, participants will engage in the intense work of making a film or a piece of video art, using DIY techniques, collage, and stop-motion, among other methods. Throughout the process, we will have the participation of musicians and DJs who are also activists linked to youth empowerment.

And when it’s over? We “SHOWOURPARTY”, with the presentation of the works produced and a concert by the guest artists, to celebrate the closing of the season.


Creative writing, videoart, collage and stop-motion.

Cast and Creative

Coordination Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro
Guests Teresa Vieira, Isilda Sanches, Sara Feio, Catarina Branco (Maternidade), Bejaflor (Maternidade), Nuno Beats (Príncipe Discos), Violet, Oficina Loba, João Reis, Pedro Covas, Tiago Galvão, Lola Carvalho, Carolina Machado