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City and Disobedience

António Jorge Gonçalves, Flávio Almada, Nuno Artur Silva, Ricardo Campos, Lara Seixo Rodrigues
9 Febuary
Escadas com empedrado à portuguesa com tag azul e laranja à esquerda e graffiti com um padrão de olhos sobre fundo amarelo à direita.


Families Febuary 9: 6:00 pm
Age range +14
Running time 90min
Tickets Free admission

Graffiti and street art are our cities' tattoos.

Like our experiences in urban space – increasingly ephemeral and impermanent -, these images have stood their ground in public spaces by following a strategy of occupation. Far from consensual, they initially emerged in unauthorized places [as a disruption in dominant taste]. However, they have been gradually assimilated as ornament and antidote to the very transgression that spawn them.

In this talk, we will discuss issues such as the legitimacy of civil disobedience, vandalism as a representation of marginalized groups in the social space, hypervigilance and the privatization of urban space, the relationship between art and power, and transgression in artistic practice.




Photo: António Jorge Gonçalves