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Readings from an amazing library

Miguel Fragata
October 3 to 6
fotografia de Miguel Fragata numa sessão de leituras encenadas no entrepiso do Lu.Ca


Families October 3 and 4: 10:30 am
October 6: 11:30 am

Age range Suggested for +3
Running time 35min
Tickets €1
Limited capacity

In this reading session, Miguel Fragata will bring to stage his relationship of trust, authority, freedom, and discipline with his daughter Vitória.

Election cycle


You know, sometimes relationships between parents and their children can be a portrait of “That’s How Dictatorship Is” (“É Assim a Ditadura”), even though it can be a good case to study “How Democracy Could Be” (“Como Pode Ser a Democracia”).

One thing is certain: the elections period is about to start, we must decide and “No One Shall Pass From Here!” (“Daqui Ninguém Passa!”)




– “É assim a ditadura”, Ed. Orfeu Mini, Equipo Plantel e Mikel Casal
– “Como Pode Ser a Democracia”, Ed. Orfeu Mini, Equipo Plantel e Marta Pina
– “Daqui ninguém passa”, Ed. Planeta Tangerina, Isabel Minhós Martins e Bernardo P. Carvalho



Photography: ©Alípio Padilha