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Power Cycle

October 24 to November 15

This autumn, we invite you to think about what power is. Who has it and why does having it means having a greater responsibility? Does power compel, command, influence, or guide? Do we all hold power or just some of us have it? Can you only be in power if you know how to use it, or can you learn how to use it after you attained it? Does the power of one influence the life of the community? If so, who has it, and how does it come to it?

The Power Cycle brings to LU.CA a program that questions the power of each one of us, over this world that belongs to all. The idea of thinking and talking about power arose from two events that we came across in the last months: the presentation of “Animal Farm”, by Tonan Quito, and the fact that a group of young American people claims to have influenced one of Donald Trump’s last rallies, using social media as a “weapon”.


We will try to find out to whom power belongs through different formats, namely a short film screening, an exhibition, a play, mini-conferences, and a staged reading workshop about the concept of Power, that takes place in a new world, yet to be discovered.