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Marta’s books

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fotografia de cena do espetáculo sublinhar que retrata a bailarina Marta Cerqueira a desenhar no com giz branco no chão

In the show SubLinhar/UnderLine, the body speaks without words. Marta is talking to us through her dance and her movements. Just like writing, body and gestures can also draw lines and dots in space, and in this form of communication tell a story, convey meaning, or simply express shapes, emotions, and discoveries.

SubLine seeks to speak of a wordless language, of body language, and lines. Marta Cerqueira has thus chosen four books that have been with her, both as inspiration and as part of the research process.


“Espelho” /Mirror, by Suzy Lee

Suzy Lee has deeply inspired Marta because she uses the boundaries of the book as support to give way to her imagination. Many of her books have no words, just illustration, but we can find in them, in the drawings, and in the colours, so much dancing.

“O Ponto”/The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds

Because there is no line without a dot, this book tells a beautiful story about trust and creativity.

“Ginástica Animalástica” by Isabel Minhós Martins and João Fazenda

The first book read by Marta when she started the UnderLine process,  that led her to think that humans and animals have a lot in common … especially when they move.


“Pensamientras/ On Thoughts” by Eugénio Roda, illustrated by André da Loba

This is not a children’s book but it can also be read to the kids. It is one of Marta’s favourites and was beside her when she created UnderLine, as it relates body and thought:  the body and its presence is also thought and discourse.