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LU.CA on Spotify

It all started on June 1, World Children’s Day, and incidentally also LU.CA’s birthday. We are used to celebrating this day with cake, lemonade, friends, and music. Since such was not possible this year, we invited our audience to party with us, from their own homes.


And no party is a good party without music. And to choose good music, you need to know about music. On our Spotify account, you’ll be able to find several playlists: one curated by the DJs Bandido$ (Bandit DJ$) to commemorate our birthday and another to praise the end of homeschooling, curated by Raquel Castro. The end of the theater’s season and the beginning of the well-deserved summer holidays it’s also marked by another playlist, made by Benjamin.


Between September and December, we’ll keep playing tunes for you to listen or to dance, wherever, and with whoever you want.


Listen to our playlists on our Spotify account!