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João Fazenda cycle starts in November

Através de um retroprojetor, João Fazenda projeta o desenho de um homem e uma mulher lado a lado, ambos apontando máquinas fotográficas no espetáculo Retrato Falado.

Between October 30 and November 11, LU.CA’s programme will be entirely dedicated to João Fazenda. This transdisciplinary cycle will include workshops, plays and an exhibition.

«Histórias com Retratos» (Stories with Portraits) is a workshop designed by João Fazenda that takes LU.CA to schools. For children over six, we start from a photographic portrait which is then turned into a drawing, creating a musical story around the photo brought from home.

The show «Retrato Falado» (Spoken Portrait) takes on LU.CA’s seats to tell us the story of Jorge, a boy who lives inside a very special frame in a house full of photos. This show – with live image manipulation by João Fazenda, texts by Pedro da Silva Martins and Bruno Humberto’s music and voice-off  – uses a very simple method to tell a story about images, memory and the power of imagination. All this happens before a live audience, allowing us to see the show and, at the same time, how the show is done.

«Paste», «take out», «paint», «fill in» are the watchwords for this installation where everyone can pitch in to add a personal twist to the artist’s illustrations. The exhibition opens on October 30 and stays on LU.CA’s middle floor until the end of the cycle.

João Fazenda is a Portuguese illustrator whose practice swings between illustration, drawing, animation, comics and painting. He studied graphic design and graduated in Fine Arts in Lisbon before starting creating images for a multitude of stories and formats. His work explores the relationship between pictures and stories in their most diverse aspects.


Photo: EGEAC/José Frade