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Theatre Live Painting

White as the night, bright as the black

Thalias Kompagnons / FIMFA Lx21
May 14 to 16


Families May 14 - 6 pm
May 15 and 16 - 11.30 am
Age Range +3
Duration 45 min.
Language Spoken in English. with simultaneous translation into Portuguese
Tickets Families €3 children and young people
€7 adults
Discounts available

Black and White. Bright and Dark.
A surprising show about light and darkness, front and reverse, give and take. A blackboard and a bucket of white paint are all that is necessary for an amazing journey with live painting to discover that the opposites can unite to build the world.

Black and white are the colours that play the main role, just with a few brushes, sprinkles and dots. A white spot turns into a rabbit, a house a fish or a cat. And the image is constantly changing.


Photographyy © Jutta Missbach



Cast and Creative

Creation Thalias Kompagnons
Idea and Performance Joachim Torbahn
Staging Tristan Vogt
Coproduction Tafelhalle in the Kunstkulturquartier, Nuremberg
Photography Jutta Missbach e Bruno Weiss