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The Great Race

Catarina Requeijo
2 to 10 March 2024
Pessoa de capacete verde e fato-macaco vermelho, de perfil, está sentada dentro de uma caixa de cartão pequena que está decorada para simular um carro de corrida.



2 and 9 March: 4:30pm
3 and 10 March: 11:30am and 4:30pm


6 and 7 March: 10:30am and 2:30pm
8 March: 10:30am

Sessions with Portuguese Sign Language

8 March: 10:30am and 9 March: 4:30pm

Session with Audio Description

9 March: 4:30pm

Laid-back session

10 March: 11:30am

Age rating

3 years and above

Target Audience

Starting at 6 years old


25 min

School Prices

€3 < 18 years/ €1 +TEIP schools/ Chaperones are exempt

Family Prices

€3 < 18 years/ €7 > 18 years/ Discounts are applicable


Será que a Manuela consegue chegar ao fim?


It’s the day of the big race, and Manuela is ready with her marvellous car. However, during the journey, a series of unexpected obstacles arise, testing her imagination and, above all, her persistence. Will Manuela manage to reach the end? Will she achieve her dream of victory or not? That’s what we’ll find out at the end of this story… Come support Manuela, there’s no one quite like her!



Although this performance is part of a trilogy, viewing the others is not required.


Cast and Creative

Artistic Direction
Catarina Requeijo

Catarina Requeijo and Inês Barahona, inspired by the eponymous work written by 1st-grade students at Escola Básica de São João de Deus, Lisbon.

Artistic Concept
Maria João Castelo

Catarina Requeijo and Maria João Castelo

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and AGECOP Associação para a Gestão da Cópia Privada