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The Girl, the Hunter and the Wolf

Vasco Mendonça and Gonçalo M. Tavares
1 to 4 June 2023
Uma mulher ao centro, vestida com roupas juvenis e com uma enorme mochila às costas, é observada por uma pessoa mascarada de Lobo.


Schools 1 and 2 June: 10.30 am
Families 1 and 2 June: 6.30 pm
3 and 4 June: 4.30 pm
Age Rating 6 years and above
Target Audience Starting at 6 years
Duration 50 min
School Prices €3 < 18 years/ €1 +TEIP schools/ Chaperones are exempt
Family Prices €3 < 18 years/ €7 > 18 years/ Discounts are applicable

A tragicomical musical revision of traditional fairy tales told from the perspective of the wolf.

A tragicomical musical revision of traditional fairy tales told from the perspective of the wolf. Through its eyes we learn that, instead of intending to harm the Little Pigs or Little Red Riding Hood, it was just the target of prejudice, of a series of unhappy and funny coincidences, and serious misunderstandings. In the end, it is not the villain we are accustomed to seeing, but an unfortunate victim of circumstances. Through a fun, captivating and imaginative recreation, The Girl, the Hunter and the Wolf approaches key questions regarding the development of a sense of community – instead of hatred and intolerance, it highlights civility, tolerance and shared experiences.


Included in the LU.CA 5th anniversary program




Cast and Creative

Music Vasco Mendonça
Libretto Gonçalo M. Tavares
Staging Inne Goris
Performers Lara Rainho (soprano), Mariana de Sousa (mezzo soprano) and Logan Lopez Gonzalez (contra tenor)
Dramaturgy Wilem Bruls
Light design Stef Stessel
Costumes Lotte Boonstra
Wardrobe assistants Eli Verkeyn, Stefania Assandri
Musical direction Jan Wierzba
Percussion Frank Van Eycken (Spectra Ensemble)
Electric guitar Nico Couck
Clarinet Yuko Fukumae
Cello Seraphine Stragier
Commissioned by LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Dutch Nationale Opera and LOD muziektheater
Co-production Cineteatro Louletano, Philharmonie Luxembourg and Spectra Ensemble