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Suspended stories

Joana Providência
July 6 and 7
Fotografia de cena com três dos atores


Families July 6 and 7: 4:30 pm
Laidback session June 6: 4:30 pm
Age range +3
Running time 45min
Tickets €3 children under 18
€7 children over 18
Discounts available

We have pictured three storytellers. Their bodies and voices jump into the stories, acting and reacting through flights, twists and turns. We then take detours into other shorter and smaller stories. Suspension happens in both interaction and plot, surprising us every time. Time, in these stories, is either stopped or gone too fast… or suspended in the eyes of the audience sharing the adventure! What happens next?!

A house resembling a small cupboard holds many secrets. Its doors open and close, showing and hiding characters and situations. Here, where dreams are made, possibilities are endless, and imagination is the limit!

Cast and Creative

Art direction Joana Providência
Co-creators and cast António Franco Oliveira, Filipe Caldeira, Julieta Rodrigues, Rui Paixão
Scenography A2G Arquitetura – Ângela Frias and Gonçalo Dias
Wardrobe Julieta Rodrigues
Props Suzete Rebelo
Sound design FLANCO
Technical coordination and sound Emanuel Santos, Hugo Ribeiro, Rui Azevedo
Light design indoor WILMA MOUTINHO
Light operator indoor Wilma Moutinho, Luís Ribeiro
Co-production RADAR 360º Associação Cultural and Teatro Maria Matos
Creative support Fábrica da Rua da Alegria (ESMAE); Vera Santos