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Marta Cerqueira
Uma mão segura um fio perfeitamente esticado na horizontal.


Families March 30, 31 and April 6, 7: 4:30 pm
Schools March 28, 29 and April 4, 5: 10:30 am
Laidback session April 6: 4:30 pm
Age range +6
Running time 30min
Tickets €3 children under 18
€7 children over 18
€1 schools TEIP
Discounts available

To write the word UnderLine you need a point and make some lines with your hand.

To utter the word UnderLine we need a set of sounds coming out of our mouths. But some people are not very talkative or outspoken. Besides, what happens when we’re rendered speechless?

If we remove the Line from the word Under(Line), we can use it to draw in space, hint at shapes, textures, exaggerate movements, define directions or paths to different places, ask the world questions, and eventually grow.

In these travels, the body also has a word to say. Full of bones, tendons and muscles, it  experiences the here and now.


Marta’s book choices

The books selected by Marta will be available for consultation at Audience Library, in LU.CA’s mezzanine.

“Espelho”, by Suzy Lee

“O ponto”, by Peter H. Reynolds

“Ginástica Animalástica”, by Isabel Minhós Martins and João Fazenda

“Pensamientras/On Thoughts”, by Eugénio Roda and André da Loba


Show suggested for the deaf and hearing impaired (stronger visuals and less verbal/textual elements)

Cast and Creative

Creation and cast Marta Cerqueira
Co-creator Inês Campos
Stage objects João Calixto
Light design Carin Geada
Original score Simão Costa
Custom design Benedetta Maxia
Communication Patrícia Lages
Office support MÃOSIMMÃO Associação Cultural
Co-production LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões, Materiais Diversos, Teatro Municipal do Porto/Festival DDD - Dias da Dança, Estúdios Vítor Córdon, Teatro Maria Matos, Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, SMUP, Teatro da Voz/EIRA, PRÓ-DANÇA
Acknowledgements Ricardo Tabosa, Tiago Cerqueira