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Puppet Making

Sandra Neves and Catarina Falcão / A Trupe Fandanga
28 and 29 May 2022


Families 28 May: 3.30pm
29 May: 10.30 pm and 3.30 pm
Location Middle Floor
Target Audience Starting at 6 years old
Duration 2 hours
Price €5
Maximum number of participants 20 people (10 children accompanied by a chaperone)

A workshop about making puppets out of objects

A workshop about making puppets out of objects: the challenge lies in the creation of characters using the agglomeration of a variety of more or less suggestive objects that allow for the construction of a functional and expressive puppet.


Respecting the gathering of objects and memories as a foundation for the construction of characters, here the aim is also to use local identity-defining elements for the creation of puppets that embody, on one hand, fusion, and on the other, dialogue between the participating community and the memories of others, that we find in other places. As the universe of objects is so particular, it may be possible that those interested might be asked to bring some of their own objects and materials.




Cast and Creative

Conception and execution Sandra Neves and Catarina Falcão/ A Trupe Fandanga