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Powers Without Frontiers

Play Festival
October 24 and 25


Families October 24 and 25: 4:30 pm
Age range +8
Appropriate theme for primary school students
Running time 90min
Tickets €3
Single price

Play Festival returns to LU.CA for one more program of short film screenings.

In October we’ll have a special program, dedicated to all the children in the world who do not give up pursuing their dreams.


This program includes subtitled films.


“Dela” (“Hers”)
Bernard Attal, Brasil
8’ (real image, Portuguese)


“Chin up”
Joanne Salmon, United Kingdom
4’43 (animation, subtitled)


Munya in Mij (“Munya in Me”)
Mascha Halberstad, Netherlands
20’ (animation, subtitled)