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Possible and Impossible

Festival PLAY
2 and 3 July


Families 2 and 3 July: 4.30 pm
Age Rating 3 years and above
Target audience Starting at 3 years
Duration 45 min
Price €3

The impossible holds hands with the possible.

A film screening where it is necessary to keep our eyes open because in these stories, which may or may not have happened, the impossible holds hands with the possible.


Ao Sol, by Ignasi Tarruella

2019, 3’ 13’’, Animation, no dialogue



Um Dia Excepcional, by Cedrick Spinassou

2019, 4’15’’, Real Image, dubbed


Azul, by Megan Devaney

2020, 8’, Animation, dubbed


A Bela e o Monstro, by Natalia Darvina

2019, 7’, Animation, dubbed


O Pequeno Barco que Queria Voar, by Ekaterina Filippova

2020, 6’40’’, Animation, dubbed


Os Sete Cabritinhos, by Maryna Karpava

2020, 5’20’’, Animation, dubbed


O Urso que Engoliu uma Mosca, by Pascale Hecquet

2020, 7’24’’, Animation, dubbed


Sinfonia em Méééééééé (Maior), by Hadrien Vezinet

2019, 4’10’’, Animation, dubbed