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Playlist to go to the Opera

Martim Sousa Tavares
1 December

Examples of an opera that is comedic and good humoured, which served as inspiration in the moment of composing the score of The unicorn's ring.

For the past 99 and a half years, going to the opera has not been the favourite occupation of the Portuguese people, especially those from younger generations. Here we find examples of an opera that is comedic and good humoured, in a playlist made by composer Martim Sousa Tavares, which served as inspiration in the moment of composing this score.


Martim Sousa Tavares

Educated in musical sciences and orchestra direction between Lisbon, Milan and Chicago, he is the founder and director of Orquestra Sem Fronteiras, with which he has performed in over 50 locations in Portugal, Spain and Brazil since 2019. He worked with orchestras in seven different countries and in Portugal he performed with the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras and Ensemble MPMP, which he directed at the LU.CA theatre in 2019 on occasion of the premiere of A Menina do Mar, based on the text by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, with music by Edward Ayres d’Abreu and staging by Ricardo Neves-Neves. Since 2019 he has been the author of weekly radio shows on Antena 2 and since 2018 has presented the Ouvidos para a Música cycle of the Temporada de Música in São Roque. He has collaborated as an artist and programmer within other disciplines, with highlights including curating the Galeria da Biodiversidade in Porto, A Boca do Lobo at Lux Frágil, designing the programme for the application of Aveiro for European Capital of Culture 2027, the Renova Art Commissions, and projects with Francisca Aires Mateus and the participative creation in Valença do Minho. In the scenic arts, he has collaborated with Moncho Rodriguez, Mónica Calle, Ricardo Neves-Neves, Daniel Gorjão and the Dança em Diálogos company.