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Music Online Program

Playlist to dance with and without adults

1 February


Age Rating

To be rated by the CCE

Available on the LU.CA Spotify starting 1 February


A selection of colourful music to dance in the month of February.


Sometimes it seems that animals understand us better than adults. In the month of February, during which the theme of animals dominates the LU.CA stage, Celeste Mariposa brings us a selection of colourful music to dance.



CelesteMariposa is a cultural and social intervention project with the objective of disseminating the diversity and quality of music from the five Portuguese-Speaking African Countries (PALOP), which has been ignored for far too long, in Portugal and across the World. Its record label CelesteMariposa Discos is focused on releasing and collecting albums by PALOP bands. From that research the CelesteMariposa DJ sets are born, conceived for dancing, sweating, shouting and celebrating the rhythm of PALOP music, from the 60’s until today, from Marrabenta to Semba, from Funaná to Gumbé, from Socopé to Coladeira. Puxa!