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Music Online Program

Playlist to be by the water

Simão Costa
8 September

We use music as a new medium and to welcome change

Where land ends, water begins: at the seashore. To move forward we need to change the medium. We use music as that new medium and welcome change, new mediums, the new school year and aquatic environments, for those who simultaneously enjoy having their feet fixed on land and sailing the seas


Simão Costa

Simão Costa (n.1979 Lisboa), pianist and composer, intermedia artist. SOUND is the main object of his art making, being based on research of possibilities and dimensions of sound as a phenomenon. Simão Costa deals with its musical, phenomenological, perceptive, visual and cultural aspects, exploring the kinetic, mechanical and robotic potential by looking at sound as a plastic, tangible and physical material.

Since 2004, he has been developing his authorial career (composition, improvisation, code, exhibitions / installations, circuit bending, data sonorisation) as solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians, visual artists, performers, actors, directors, dancers and choreographers.

As a pianist, he has toured national and international stages, nevertheless Simão Costa is a multifaceted artist by definition. On the one hand he works on solo projects [π_ano PRE CAU TION PER CU SSION ON SHORT CIRCUIT, by SHHpuma records], exhibitions/ installations [Mute Galery in 2015 Silence and Synesthesia and 2018 Null Allele and Frequency], on the other he cultivates strong artistic partnerships in collectives like SAS Orkestra de Radios with Sónia Moreira and Ana Trincão, stage creations with the choreographer Yola Pinto, collections of installations and dance shows Dance of Inert Materials with Marta Cerqueira, or in various partnerships with the multidisciplinary artist João Calixto.

He is a founding member and artistic director of the MãoSimMão – cultural association where he directs and produces some of his projects.

We can find his work on stage, album / record, in code, galleries, museums, street, books, dealing with various expressions of contemporary music and visual arts.
Simão Costa performs and creates individually and collectively since 2007.
His work has been presented in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Romania, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.