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Dance Music

Noise Thief

Diogo Alvim and Inês Botelho
November 25 to 29


Schools November 25, 26 and 27: 10:30 am
Families November 28: 4:30 pm
November 29: 11:30am and 4:30 pm
Talk with the artists, after the performance: November 28: 4:30 pm
Age range To be assigned by CCE;
Appropriate theme for primary school students
Running time 40min
Tickets for schools €3 for children under 18
€1 for schools TEIP
The accompanying adults’ tickets are free
Tickets for families €3 for children under 18
€7 for children over 18
Discounts available

On one side of the wall, things are heard, but not seen.

The Athlete throws something in There and… It jumps from a cliff, precipitates, begins the fall, and pierces the density of the air until it clashes with the seawater! Afterward, it slows down abruptly its velocity and gravity, while submerging… Then it reverses direction, starts going up, penetrates the surface again, and it floats.
We heard it all, but we saw nothing.
From this side of the wall, we can see and hear everything. There are balls, wheels and other objects, and a special Hear looking for these sounds. Things slide, fall, hit and break, jump, spin, and turn, taking us on a long sound trip. These are sounds of what is seen and imagined.
A work by Diogo Alvim and Inês Botelho that assembles theater, music, dance and mimicry.

Cast and Creative

Creation and cast Diogo Alvim, Inês Botelho
Cast Marta Cerqueira
Coproduction LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões