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Reading Workshop

LU.CA goes to school ☁ Staged Readings

Ana Ventura
October 26 to 30


Age range To be assigned by CCE;
Appropriate activity for preschool and primary school students
Tickets 1€ per child
Previous registration is mandatory, until October 19, by email:
Capacity Minimum: 20 participants
Maximum: 35 participants

Ana Ventura organizes readings of books that weren't written by her, thus voicing several authors of children’s literature.

This time, she partners with LU.CA and takes staged readings to Lisbon schools. In the end, Ventura leaves a plastic challenge to the participants.

The first children’s book authored by the artist was published in 2006 and since then she has been taking staged readings for children, to schools and libraries across the country.


– “O Tesouro” (“The Treasure”), by Manuel António Pina, illustrated by Pedro Proença; Edited by Assírio & Alvim
– “Era uma vez um cravo” (“Once upon a time there was a carnation”), by José Jorge Letria, illustrated by André Letria; Edited by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa