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Los Protagonistas

El Conde de Torrefiel and the remaining technical team
September 26 and 27


Families September 26 and 27: 11 am and 3 pm
Entry to the show takes place every 15 minutes, and given the characteristics of the project and the current context of public health, entry is made only for groups of people who already live together.
Age range +6;
Appropriate theme for primary school students
Running time 45min
Single Price for groups 15 euros for 6 cohabitants
the group may consist of a maximum of 6 people, with no minimum number of members.

A long, long time ago, there was a story that didn’t know how to start and couldn’t be told until its heroes arrived.

Coming up with a story is nothing more than taking something that happened, in life or our heads, and making it fascinating. But, how do we tell that story?

On LU.CA’s first international coproduction, El Conde de Torrefiel proposes a stroll through a theatrical space, stripped of its traditional structure. “Los Protagonistas” is an installation of enigmatic landscapes in which the spectators venture, as if they were explorers of far-away lands. Once inside, they become part of the story.

“Los Protagonistas” it’s an unfinished story inhabited by incomplete characters. It is an undefined story whose result will be shaped by the ones who walk among its mortal remains. It’s a story that begs to be discovered by the ones that infiltrate it.

Cast and Creative

Creation El Conde de Torrefiel and the remaining technical team
Stage direction and dramaturgy Tanya Beyeler & Pablo Gisbert
Text Pablo Gisbert
Scenography María Alejandre
Artistic counselling Estel Cristià
Light design Ana Rovira
Sound design Rebecca Praga
Technical direction Isaac Torres
Sound/video technician Uriel Ireland
Set technician Miguel Pellejero
Assistant director Albert Pérez
Cast Isaac Torres, Miguel Pellejero, Uriel Ireland, Ana Rovira, María Alejandre, Pablo Gisbert & Tanya Beyeler
Secretariat Haizea Arrizabalaga
Executive production CIELO DRIVE SL
Distribution e tour management Caravan Production, Brussels
Coproduction Teatre Lliure de Barcelona / FOG -Triennale dell’Arte di Milano / LU.CA -Teatro Luís de Camões, Lisboa / Teatro di Sardegna / Alhondiga Bilbao / La Batîe-Festival de Génève / Gruẗ li - Centre de production et de diffusion des arts vivants, Genève / Centro cultural Conde Duque, Madrid
Support ICEC - Generalitat de Catalunya