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Listening point

Listening point

Fotografia do espaço dos pontos de escuta: uma mulher com auscultadores olha para os três ipad na paredes.


Space Middle Floor
Tickets Free admission

The Listening Points are a LU.CA’s project to explore forms of mediation that turn the author in a mediator.

Artists and creators can now leave messages to the audience, explain their artistic options, pick music or introduce the show’s soundtrack.

Here you’ll discover clues, ideas, and secrets revealed by the people that were involved in the creation of the project that is being presented in the theatre room.


– January 10: Listening points devoted to the + Blue Cycle

– January 22: Listening points with Bruno Alexandre

– February 5: Listening points with Raimundo Cosme

– February 26: Listening points with Alex Cassal

– March 11: Listening points with João Fazenda


Photography: LU.CA/Alípio Padilha