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LABOR Project

3rd cycle and secondary education
January to June 2019
A palavra Labor está escrita a branco sobre fundo azul escuro, com formas irregulares a ciano e encarnado.

LABOR is an artistic and educational project of interaction between School, Theatre, artists and teachers, which seeks to provide practical experimentation of contemporary artistic creation.

LABOR aims to encourage students to take part in the construction of a performative discourse, where the very format of what we understand as theatre can be questioned.

Theatre is a mirror for the world outside the stage, and it changes with the times. And yet, it is also a way of acting in the world, not only to represent it.

This season, LU.CA is launching a competition for the 3rd cycle and secondary education, and Lisbon-based artists, to work together in creating and staging a performance that dwells on today’s world, starting from a contemporary text and a stage set kit.


Selected artists: Andresa Soares, Joana Pupo, Marília Almeida and Raquel Castro.


School applications: December 3 to January 7