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Labor – 3rd edition

Theatre Laboratory in Schools

LABOR is an artistic and educational project of interaction between school, theatre, artists, and teachers, that seeks to provide practical experience in contemporary artistic creation.

The theatre is a mirror for the world outside the stage, as it changes over time. And yet, it is also a way of acting in the world, not only to represent it.
LABOR aims to encourage students to take part in the construction of a performative discourse, by reflecting upon the contemporary world, in which the very format of theatre can be questioned.
In October we’ll be launching one competition for secondary schools, Labor Escolas (Schools Labor), and one competition for artists from Lisbon, Labor Artistas ( Artists Labor). In January 2021, the selected artists will start their project within the selected schools; during months of labor, artists, one writer, and one scenographer will (in different moments) integrate each student group.
The result of the project will be publicly presented at LU.CA, in June 2021.


The participation regulations are available at