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Is to be free, to be lighter?

Festival PLAY
4 to 18 April
Ilustração de esquilo laranja pendurado nos ramos de uma árvores.



4 and 5 April: 10:30am
17 and 18 April: 4.30 pm


6 and 7 April: 4:30pm

Age rating

3 years and above

Target audience

Starting at 3 years old


40 minutes


Five stories where imagination makes us lighter, and perhaps, freer...


In a session that opens LU.CA’s programme for the month of Freedom, we discover five stories where imagination makes us lighter, and perhaps, freer…


Ana Morphose, João Rodrigues, 2023, Portugal, 09’47’’ (Animation, no dialogue)

Ana reads a book before bed, and as she starts to drift off, the real world is transformed into a fantastic place where the stories from the book come to life. Ana, a character in her own story, embarks on an extraordinary journey to find her place in a world full of surprises and mysteries.


Don’t Blow It Up, Alžbeta Macáková Mišejková, 2022, Czech Republic, 8’ (Animation, no dialogue)

Two girls play with a ball. But after a petty argument, they become angry with each other. Resentment causes them to swell like balloons and fly up into the clouds.


Helium Harvey, Daniel Savage, 2014, USA, 3’ (Animation, no dialogue)

After inhaling helium, a boy is transformed into a balloon and sets off on an adventure around the world.


Head in the Clouds, Rémi Durin, 2023, France, Belgium, 11’ (Animation, dubbed in Portuguese with English subtitles)

Alfonso, a young squirrel, always has his head in the clouds. He loves to observe them and sometimes takes photographs of them. His parents and friends find it hard to take his hobby seriously. But observing the clouds is not always easy – Alfonso sometimes has to be as brave as some of the great explorers of our time.


A Tiny Voyage, Emily Worms, 2022, France, Switzerland, 05’22’’ (Animation, no dialogue)

João decides to help his bird Titi overcome its fears, and the two set off on a tiny voyage.



Integrated in the Programme of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the 25 of April Revolution.