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Is it good to be in charge?

Catarina Requeijo and Inês Barahona

September 25 to 29
ilustração da europa, em que cada paísestá representada por uma figura mística.


Families September 28 and 29: 4.30pm
September 29: 11.30am
Schools September 25, 26, 27: 10.30am
Age range Suggested for +8
Running time 120min
Tickets €2
Limited capacity;
Previous registration is required; Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult

Elections cycle


Designed for children who do not yet have the right to vote, this workshop is an invitation to sit down, discuss, plot and eat out of a menu of politically appetising dishes, which allows us to experience different forms of government and get to know characters from different times and different parts of the world.

Throughout this workshop, we will try to find answers to several questions: Do we all know how to be in charge? Who decides? And how? What is politics? Who creates laws? What is their use? Is it easy to be fair? Is family ruled or misruled? And who’s in charge at home?

We will listen to stories and experience the theatre of politics, deciding each step of the process in instant assemblies. Shall we vote?



Cast and Creative

Creation and coordination Catarina Requeijo and Inês Barahona