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Cinema Online Program

Green Start

PLAY Festival
January 16 and 17


Age range

To be assigned by CCE
Appropriate theme for primary and secondary school students

Running time

84 min


Da sala, passamos para o online.
«Uma Orquestra Especial» passa no facebook do LU.CA dias 16 e 17 de janeiro, às 11h30.


As we arrive in 2021, we start green.

In January, PLAY Festival presents a feature film about a true case of ecological start and restart, in green and baring the planet Earth in mind.



Landfill Harmonic (2005)
Brad Allgood / Graham Townsley, Paraguai / Brazil / USA
84’ (documentary, subtitled)


“Landfill Harmonic” tells the story of Cateura’s recycled orchestra, a musical group of Paraguayan children that lives next to one of the biggest landfills in South America. This unlikely orchestra plays with instruments built entirely out of garbage. It is a testimony of the transforming power of music and the wonderful resistance of the human spirit.


Photography: © Brad Allgood, Graham Townsley