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Puppet show Theatre


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto
20 - 24 Febuary
Três atores  da peça de teatro Frágil estão em cena com caixas de cartão sobre a cabeça.


Families February 23, 24: 4:30 pm
Schools February 20, 21, 22: 10:30 am
Laidback session February 24: 11:30 am
Age range +3
Running time 45min
Tickets €3 children and young people
€7 adults
Discounts available

Sometimes a thing is not what it is. Sometimes things like to be other things, to be like people, for example. They like moving, laughing, to like and to dislike. People/things and things/people help us tell stories.

In the Fragile world, there are small and big stories. Things want to be taken to unknown places, they take on short and long journeys. In the Fragile world, there are people/things looking for things/people. There are secrets never to be told or to told later on, in both an open and closed universe. There are things that come out of other things.

In the Fragile world, rules are not rules: imagination rules this world!


Performance indicated for the deaf, due to a strong visual component and little text.


Photo: Susana Neves

Cast and Creative

Direction and scenography João Paulo Seara Cardoso e coletivo
Puppets and scenic objects Rui Pedro Rodrigues
Costumes Pedro Ribeiro
Sound design Miguel Reis
Movement coordination Isabel Barros
Light design Roy Peter
Video animation Grifu
Cast Micaela Soares, Rui Queiróz de Matos, Vitor Gomes
Production Sofia Carvalho
Technical operation Filipe Azevedo
Production assistant Shirley Resende
Assistant director Isabel Barros
Set design, puppets and objects Rui Pedro Rodrigues, Nuno Valdemar Guedes
Costume design Carla Pereira
Graphic design Pedro Ribeiro
Video recording Ângelo Peres/Widescreen
Photography on set Susana Neves
Co-production Teatro de Marionetas do Porto/Artemrede