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Don’t sing at the table

24 and 28 February 2024
Duas pessoas ao centro à frente de uma mesa. O homem tem dois olhos de cartão à frente dos seus olhos. A rapariga tem um chapéu vermelho triangular na cabeça a cobrir parte da cara.



24 February: 4:30pm
25 February: 11:30am and 4:30pm


26, 27 and 28 February: 10:30am

Age rating

To be classified by the CCE

Target audience

Starting at 3 years old


45 minutes (approximately)

Price Families

€3 (fixed price)

Price for Schools

€3 < 18 years / €1 TEIP schools / Free of charge for chaperons


A concert sung at the table, where everything and nothing have a place.


A concert sung at the table, where everything and nothing have a place – because we don’t speak with our mouths full, nor do we put our elbows on the table; we don’t play with our food, nor put peas in the corner of the plate. But songs are written to help us eat, as well as games to push around the vegetables on our plates. But singing at the table is frowned upon, it’s bad manners… And reciting poetry, or singing with a closed mouth? What if the table has no food, or if it’s upside down? What if whoever made all this up wasn’t actually thinking?



Cast and Creative

Artistic Direction
Ana Madureira

Ana Madureira, Rita Campos Costa, Vahan Kerovpyan and Zé Figueiredo

Creation, performance, music and texts