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Theatre Online Program


February 21 to 28


February 21: 6.30pm
February 23: 6.30pm
February 25: 6.30pm
February 27: 6.30pm
4 episodes, each available during 48 hours

Spoken in portuguese, no subtitles
Join us at YouTube and Facebook

Age range

To be assigned by CCE
Appropriate theme for primary and secondary school students

Duration of each video

10 min. approx.


What is the biggest word in the dictionary?


First, we find the dictionary shelf. We noticed that it hasn’t be opened or flipped through for a long time… it was just standing there, alone. We hold it and feel its weight. We close our eyes and open it on a random page. We mark a point on the page with our index finger and open our eyes: What word have we found?


Dictionary is a collective game for children and a challenge for the accompanying adults. For four episodes available online, SillySeason offers a trip to the universe of words, of certain words – great or small, easy or difficult – found on a dictionary. To play, you’ll only need a dictionary, of course!

What is the biggest word in the dictionary?

How many letters does it have?

Is the word “dictionary” on the dictionary?

Words are abstract. Can we turn them into objects or concrete actions?

(Abstract? Concrete? What difficult words…)


Photography: © SillySeason

Cast and Creative

Creation and Direction

Ivo Saraiva e Silva, Cátia Tomé e Ricardo Teixeira

João Lobo

Scenography/Props and Costumes
Inês Ariana

Rodrigo Teixeira

Lighting design
Manuel Abrantes

Mariana Nunes